Friday, 28 March 2014

Autumn by Ashley

Autumn leaves

Watching leaves falling off trees
as wind shakes the branches

Little parachutes dropping seeds
getting ready for winter

Autumn changes to many different exciting colours

Animals getting ready for hibernating

Winter is coming so stay warm!

Autumn By Prayag


The leaves are falling
Tiny little parachutes dropping through the air with their seeds
The beautiful colours falling down
Orange, blue, green and red

By Prayag

Autumn Days By Tom

Autumn Days

Thistledown is floating round
Darting everywhere

Red, orange, yellow, brown
Leaves tumbling to the ground

The berries, acorns, nuts and seeds
tumbling, tumbling into the weeds

Lots of little aeroplanes
whirling, whirling round
Brownish seeds of totara are drifting to the ground


Autumn by Ranger


Autumn comes
 Leaves change and go
Garden fairies float away with their seeds
to find a new place to grow

Leaves lie, not to grow again
Leaves change to orange, read and brown
Trees go from covered to naked

Plant lose leaves
and change from popular to lonely
Trees lose leaves, trees keep leaves
Leaf keepers are called evergreen

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Triathlon training

Lots of fun and lots of learning about triathlons. We have to 'click, push and go with the flow' as we go into transition to get on our bikes. Looking forward to Friday.