Thursday, 29 August 2013

Narrative writing-Yasith

We have been using lots of interesting adjectives and verbs in out writing. Here is my story: Neptune's Kingdom In a underwater castle there lived a king called Neptune.Neptune was the king of the s sea.He had a golden spear which contained magical powers. One day Neptune spotted four divers coming towards him. He became fearful and stepped back because he saw a gun.He found out the leader was brave because he stepped in and drank some water.He found out that the second one was adventures because he carried two big grappling hooks.He also found out that the third one was foolish because he was trying to steal the treasure. Poor Flipper, Neptune's mermaid daughter was hiding in the deepest darkest room where she thought she'd be safe.But she wasn't .... Whoosh!Kaboom!went a door then out of the dark came a diver with a dagger.The diver sped to her with his dagger in his hand... But instead of killing Flipper he swam up."I found the treasure,"shouted the diver. Then out of nowhere aall four divers were reunited again.They quickly grabbed the treasure and swam away. But Flipper was quicker she swam up and alarmed her father Neptune.So Neptune called all the sharks in the sea. "Follow the divers," cried Neptune. "Bring them back," shouted Neptune. "Ok," grinned the sharks. Whish! the sharks went. "I brought them back ," grinned the sharks. "Curse be on the divers," cried Neptune. So thats it.The divers were never heard again. Neptune is still down there enjoying himself and Flipper got married to a handsome merman called Lock. By:Yasith

Friday, 16 August 2013

Week 3 citizen

Congratulation Kobi- this weeks citizen

Yr 4 Narrative winner

Year 4 Dallas Horgan The Sewer On a nice and sunny day four children were playing with a ball. Then Max slipped and the ball fell in the sewers. The children formed a ladder to reach the ball but fell down into slimy smelly sewers. They started to look around for a way out. But there was no way out. So they kept looking around until Max and Ben saw something green drifting in the smelly water. As it got closer it was making grunting and grumbling noises. So Max, Fred, Ben and Sapphire ran to the brightest part of the sewer. The green thing followed them. Then all of a sudden there was a massive drop. They were trapped! Sapphire yelled, “Jump!” Then Max answered “Are you crazy?” But they had to jump! Ahhhh! Splash! Now they were saturated! Up above there were tonnes of red eyes gleaming at them. “Uh-oh! Bats everywhere, fluttering around our heads!” they screamed. “Run!” yelled Ben. “Look there’s a way out! Run towards the light,” said Max. “Look there’s the ball.” “Ahhh, I can’t see with these bats in my face!” yelled Fred. Ben saw the green thing again. “That green thing is an alligator!” said Fred. “I’ve got an idea” yelled Sapphire, “Jump on the alligator! Run across its back until you can grab a bat. Hold on tight to the bat and head towards the light! Now let’s get out of here!” “Yay we’re out! But it’s a shame we didn’t get the ball” said Fred. “But we did get it.” said Sapphire. “Yay” said Max, Ben and Fred. “Let’s play catch”.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Narrative-By Carys

A fuzzy, brown bear called Max lived in a hidden cave. While his Mum cleaned the place max builds rocket ships out of scraps. he decided to test one of his rocket ships and it worked! But the rocket ship really worked and max went flying. next he was in space and landed on Venus. Then his rocket ship left without him. But in five days the rocket ship returned and Max returned home safely. By Carys

Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday, 2 August 2013


I remember walking through the bush,native Kowhai trees shading the sunlight above my head,the faint sound the waterfall dripping. Towering trees bending,face down,small leaves lying helplessly on the path. The sun shining through the leaves,people stamping on the fallen branches. Looking and finding unusual beetles,caterpillars. The feel of leaves was soft like silk,the scent of the air was refreshing. Lovely colours shone as blue beetles scurried. I could hear the waterfall falling quietly,as if it was calling me. By:Yasith

Walking through the Bush- Dallas

I can remember walking in the bush seeing trees blocking up the sun. Fantails calling me with their faint noises. as I walk over sticks they snap and crack. As I walk through the bush I look for silver ferns. As I walk through the bush it feels like cold, windy air. By Dallas

Thursday, 1 August 2013