Friday, 28 June 2013

End Of Term Update By Willim

Mrs Macdonald liked seeing all of rm 14's parents.As some of you know Mrs Macdonald has a new baby granddaughter so she is taking 2 weeks off. We are having Mr Gary.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Tom's Bike

It's a tiger, fast and strong, With blue fire bursting out it's back, Sort of bike. It's shimmering and stripy, Smooth but ninety, Sort of bike. Zooming down the railway, Late at night, That's my sort of bike.

Cody's Bike

It's a mongoose, big, red and white, With an eagle up front, Sort of bike. Reflecting from the sun when I ride it Tick, tick it goes, Rampaging down late at night, And it glows through the dark, That's my sort of bike.

William's Bike

It's a race car, big and red, With fire bursting out the back, Sort of bike. It's fast and shiny, Smooth but whiny, Sort of bike. Zooming down the race track, Early in the morning, That's my sort of bike.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wheels by yasith kobi

I'd like to share this Haiku Deck with you.

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Fun on the fire engine

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Rm 14 And Rm 16 Musuem Vist by William

On 11th room 14,16 went Kiwi North to learn about forces and wheels.Our teacher at the musuem was called Chris and he told us the top 5 inventions , they were the wheel,lever,gear ,screw and the inclined plane.We got to ride on the diesel train journey .We also got to go to the kiwi house and the kiwi came right past me 7 or 8 times.Kiwi North is totally awesome!

Friday, 7 June 2013


The Fun Run Butterflies raced in my tummy as I stood on the start line. Today is the FUN RUN- I’m racing now! Toot! The race has started. I sprint and sprint. I finally pass the finish. I came 11th. If I’d only passed one person I’d be in the Barge Park team. I was happy to get that juicy ice block. The Fun Run was some race!