Friday, 12 April 2013

Geometery shapes with marshmallows

We used marshmallows and tooth picks to make 3D shapes. Some 3D shapes we made were cube, triangular prism, diamonds and hexagons. We could make a cylinder because we had no round tops. At the end we ate some of our marshmallows.
By Zahra, Jayden and Harmony

The Field of Remembrance

Yesterday we walked to the field of remembrance. Ranger brought a picture of his great uncle who died during the war. He took it to one of the ladies and she put it on one of the crosses. There were 492 crosses. All of these crosses represented all the people who died at war from Whangarei. Mrs Walker told us that they crosses are out for 30 days and each day represents 1000 people that died in the war from New Zealand.
By Harmony, Jayden and Zahra.

Cody's great grand-dad

I liked it when Cody's dad came in and told us about when Cody's great-grandad was in the Army. He was too old to serve so worked for the army transporting army supplies.
When a person dies in the army their family get a death penny.
By Jayden, Harmony and Zahra.